Simply Tee Poetry
Simply Tee Poetry

Spill the Tee

The Beginning...


Born LaTonya White, Simply Tee Poetry is an American Poet and international performer born in Fayetteville, NC and raised in Prince George County, VA.

The freestyling emcee turned competitive spoken word artist has humbly worked her way from remote open mics to respected national poetry stages. Sharing the stage with her mentor, 3rd Rail Poet known for penning Don’t Take It Personal, by R&B artist, Monica. Simply Tee, has also opened for Floacist of Floetry, and performed alongside Sunni Patterson, Taalam Acey, Sonya Renee Taylor, Natasha T. Miller, Christopher Michael, and many others. 

As a United States Army veteran with 15 years of active duty experience, Simply Tee has completed 3 tours overseas, traveled to more than 6 countries, and lived in more than a dozen cities. In 2004, just one year after enlisting, Simply Tee became a staple at the Under 1 Roof bookstore while stationed in Killeen, TX. Here, she joined the Poetry Warriors where she was invited to compete across the state emerging as the 2007 Best Female Slam Poet in Ft. Worth, SpitDat in Austin, and placed in the Ride or Die Slam Competition just before her first  Army deployment. 

War of Words


Simply Tee returned home with a new confidence and perspective anxious to share her new body of work. Her powerful, socio-political pieces such as Lady Liberty and 341 received rave reviews and noteworthy mentions from fans and peers. On the other hand, her beloved poems Mother Nature and Country Girl offer a look into American, black feminism and her southern culture.

While stationed in Ft. Belvoir, VA, Simply Tee soon became the First Lady of Silent Treatment Entertainment, LLC a nonprofit organization that hosts weekly open-mics. Hosting Spirits and Lyrics (SNL) and networking with poets is where she became a fierce staple in the Washington,DC metropolitan area. She has performed at Graffiti DC, DC Pride Slam, Busboys and Poets and featured at the city’s most renown poetry venues and competitions.

Never Ending

 Most recently, Simply Tee launched Spirits and Lyrics in Honolulu, Hawaii, with business partner and long time friend Jeff “Mr. Luciano” Johnson. The one-of-a-kind open mic generated such an island buzz, a three day retreat was organized to fulfill the demand . The Glow Up Experience included VIP at SNL, All White-Affair with infused desserts unlimited drinks, and a sun filled cruise to Konehoe Sandbar. Simply Tee’s love for Spoken Word has bled into other platforms, which has maneuvered her into mentor-ship, public speaking, host/emcee, and writer. 

Some of her accolades include: 

  1. Team member of Hawaii Slam 2015. National Poetry Slam, 2nd place.
  2. Team member of San Diego Slam 2019.
  3. Creator and host of Paradigm Shift Convo Podcast.
  4. Host of Spirits and Lyrics. Longest running open mic in Northern Virginia.


           Silent Treatment Ent LLC, CEO Jeff Johnson. 

JustUsPoet, CEO Jabir Rasool.