Simply Tee Poetry

...daughter of the late great James A and the living & giving Lisa L

As they say in programming:

Hello World

This page is a preview of all that is Simply Tee Poetry. 

A International Spoken Word Artist gone rogue. Her military discharged springboarded her into the civilian sector with disturbing force. She is haphazardly maneuvering through different industries with disregard of corporate procedures and BBP. Simply Tee's ambition and abilities have fueled her drive, however her destination is still, unknown. 

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Spoken Word Artist


A metaphor lover. Fascinated with the power of words, Simply Tee's innovative thought provoking themes are sought out in the poetry scene.

Radio Personality


Autonomy and optimism is the fuel that  ignites her identifiable spirit  even on-air. Paradigm Shift Covo, is a talk radio show for Change Makers and Creatives to listen and express. 



A avid student herself, Simply Tee is a coach and mentors. Lead by her passion of individualism and innovation, she organizes workshops for creative writing  and performance techniques. She also mentors young adults as a counselor, adviser, and human sounding board.

Master or Ceremony


With a genuine love for the arts, she finds great pleasure in having the responsibility to set the stage. A charismatic demeanor mixed with her astuteness to recognize others disposition produce a dynamic host. 


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