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As we say in programming:

Hello World

Welcome and thank you for visiting. Let me apologize for my page being a bit scattered. As a militant-computer tech-artist, I have completely gone rouge from societal norms. And I'm doing "whatever the hell I want." Join me.

Spoken Word Artist

Spoken Word Artist

Spoken Word Artist

Poetry performance by  veteran Simply Tee Poetry

A metaphor lover. A slave to the power of words. Simply Tee's thought-provoking themes are applauded by many in arts and entertainment industries. Her skills as  wordsmith and performer have been sought out by military units, corporate businesses, and personal occasions. 

Radio Personality

Spoken Word Artist

Spoken Word Artist

Veteran Podcaster Simply Tee Poetry on Paradigm Shift Convo

Her desire to advance the reputation of creative industries and veterans, she created and host/emcee a talk radio show. Producing quality art journalism that inspires lifelong supporters.


Master or Ceremony

Master or Ceremony

Poet and Writer Simply Tee Poetry host/emcee

An avid student herself, Simply Tee is a coach and mentor. Led by her passion of creativity and pedagogy, she organizes writing workshops as company cohesion strategies, as well as artist development.  

Master or Ceremony

Master or Ceremony

Master or Ceremony

Poetry performance veteran Simply Tee Poetry

An unorthodox performer, Simply Tee finds great pleasure in having the responsibility to shape the atmosphere of any audience. Her relatable southern charm compels attention, as she weaves poetry  and improvisational comedy into any program agenda.

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